Kate Moss totally stole my campaign... - Versace AW13/14 - Part 3

Donatella, we had a whole different agreement on this...

Me in Versace AW 13/14 'bumble bee' fur!
Obviously it's unfinished, and it's a sneak peek, and I promise I'm going to finish it... somewhen:)

More GIF Animations - Versace AW13/14 - Part 2

The theme of the SHOWstudio competition was Punk - so here you go, a little angry shouting sequence!

More GIF Animations - Versace AW13/14 Part 1

Over the next three posts I'll show you my newest attempts to animation - a competition entry for SHOWStudio, my everlasting work-in-progress (there is always something I want to add or tweak) :)

From my Archive - the BIBA Project Animations

Last year I was chosen, among a group of ten students from London College of Fashion to collaborate with BIBA, an iconic 60's brand, now belonging to House of Fraser. Each of us was supposed to come up with a short video representing the recent collection at the time. We were briefed by representants of the brand and given the samples of the garments to film with. I decided to try hand-drawn animation for this project. I did not know what I was getting myself into! I learned the Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere by myself and invented my little technique. I mixed it up with film for a bit of a collage feel. Recently I made gifs out of the animations, so you can view them properly, as in the film they just flicker:)

The Red Colour Trend Series

Everyone who is interested in fashion at some point begins to realise, that in the age of postmodernism, and 'fast' fashion with collections of Zara or H&M changing every two weeks, what the designers create doesn't have that much influence on what we wear anymore (it's even more the other way round). However, the word 'trend' still seems to hold its magic.

For my Final Major Project, I decided to create a series about a colour trend (to be expanded to others later?), and explore illustrating more than womenswear. The idea was for the series to exist within the context of  POINT 01, a project from LCF that I worked on this year.

You can see the rest of the series on MY WEBSITE.