Sketches Day 5

My day 4 drawing turned into rescuing an antique cupboard/record player we found on our way to the studio, and then an exploration of the wine cellar (also on the way) that sold beautiful wine from barrels by litre... Therefore, there is no drawing worth scanning from that evening....

So, yesterday, filled with guilt (and with an incredible hangover) I decided for a little field trip around Barcelona. Las Ramblas is an obvious choice when you're searching for a big number of people in one place. Despite it's horrible touristy atmosphere and the crowds, when you sit on a bench for a couple of hours sketching another layer of life unveils. You discover little groups of old people (70+) hanging out on the benches, just like the youngsters do, only a bit calmer and more silent on the outside ("Come on Rosa, we saved you a seat!"). You observe the lone ones that sit on the bench for forty-five minutes just to look at the waves of tourists posing in front of one building or another, chatting about their dinners or buying the Comic Sans Barcelona bags or any other traumatically awful memorabilia.

After that we moved to some pizzeria close to our temporary home, where my sketching attracted a lot of attention. The pizza was truly delicious, and I managed to trade a drawing of the Napoletan boss for a shot of limoncello, haha! After that we stepped by my favourite local place in Barcelona so far, a little cafe called Cometa.

Overall, there are maybe twice as many sketches from yesterday, but I won't bore you with all of them. It was a very rewarding exercise, and I think it might become my new weekend tradition.


Day 3 - Ostwald Helgason

Day 3 or rather Night 3 (as the day ended up to be a 12 hour-long siesta) of the 'a drawing a day' challenge.

Ostwald Helgason's collection is one of the nicest ones that I've seen so far. The outfits just beg for being drawn! I wonder what kind of price tag would their collection for Opening Ceremony bear, cause I really wouldn't mind a piece or two. Hopefully, my bank balance magically skyrockets by the time it gets to the stores! (Yeah right...)

Updates, life stuff, you know!

Wow! That was a long absence!

A lot of things have happened since I last posted on the blog. Most importantly, I left the hustle and bustle of London to live in Barcelona. So the last two months were mainly focused on packing my art supplies (and sadly leaving some things behind) rather than using them.. Packing your whole life in one car is not fun, I can tell you that! But all that was worth it, for all the days on the beach and sunlight that were waiting for me here.

So, just recently I managed to find a studio in this beautiful city. It's in an old quarter of Poble Sec, and I'm sharing with three other artists. I think I'll make a post about it soon, once I settle down and I get a bit more furniture inside as for now it looks just a little bit empty/creepy!

To get my drawing back on track, and as a personal exercise I decided to embark on the popular 'a drawing a day' challenge and see what happens. So below you can see my first two drawings.
Apart from that, I plan to use this blog more like an art journal now to document my exploration of the city of Miro and Picasso, and now that I'm fully freelance and have a bit more time on my hands.

day 1, pencil sketch and then some shy trials with digital drawing

 day 2 - back to basics, who am I kidding, I will always prefer analogue

Kate Moss totally stole my campaign... - Versace AW13/14 - Part 3

Donatella, we had a whole different agreement on this...

Me in Versace AW 13/14 'bumble bee' fur!
Obviously it's unfinished, and it's a sneak peek, and I promise I'm going to finish it... somewhen:)

More GIF Animations - Versace AW13/14 - Part 2

The theme of the SHOWstudio competition was Punk - so here you go, a little angry shouting sequence!

More GIF Animations - Versace AW13/14 Part 1

Over the next three posts I'll show you my newest attempts to animation - a competition entry for SHOWStudio, my everlasting work-in-progress (there is always something I want to add or tweak) :)

From my Archive - the BIBA Project Animations

Last year I was chosen, among a group of ten students from London College of Fashion to collaborate with BIBA, an iconic 60's brand, now belonging to House of Fraser. Each of us was supposed to come up with a short video representing the recent collection at the time. We were briefed by representants of the brand and given the samples of the garments to film with. I decided to try hand-drawn animation for this project. I did not know what I was getting myself into! I learned the Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere by myself and invented my little technique. I mixed it up with film for a bit of a collage feel. Recently I made gifs out of the animations, so you can view them properly, as in the film they just flicker:)

The Red Colour Trend Series

Everyone who is interested in fashion at some point begins to realise, that in the age of postmodernism, and 'fast' fashion with collections of Zara or H&M changing every two weeks, what the designers create doesn't have that much influence on what we wear anymore (it's even more the other way round). However, the word 'trend' still seems to hold its magic.

For my Final Major Project, I decided to create a series about a colour trend (to be expanded to others later?), and explore illustrating more than womenswear. The idea was for the series to exist within the context of  POINT 01, a project from LCF that I worked on this year.

You can see the rest of the series on MY WEBSITE.

Fendi AW13 - Cara Delevingne

I love the crazy furs of Fendi AW 13! Here is a sketch/ finished illustration  (can't decide whether I want to work on it more or not) or Cara Delevingne in one of the sets from the collection. As you can see recently I got a bit obsessed with colour pencils - don't you worry, I haven't forgot the watercolours:) More coming up soon!

Self portrait pencil sketch

Recently everything around me seems to have become one big chaos, and in situations like this I somehow tend to draw myself (as if that was to solve anything). This is a sketch from a trial photoshoot we did with my friend Annabel a long while ago for our project. It's unfinished as a piece of work, may become a base for something, for now it's just hanging over my desk, waiting for its turn between some random collection of things and pictures.

Sketch from Musee d'Orsay

Long time no updates, I know, I have been a bad bad blogger! A lot has been happening in my life and I'm planning to make this more of a daily blog, not only of finished pieces but also sketches and vines, moodboards, and all that I am up to on a daily basis:) I'm also making my website right now with a help of a good friend of mine, so all the finished pieces will have their place. So, stay tuned:)

Here is a sketch from my trip to Paris that I came back from yesterday.
The Jean Baptiste Carpeaux's sculpture is crazy beautiful when you look at it for as long as I did...I wish I could have finished it but I will not see any of Paris that way ha ha!

And here is a little vine I made while drawing: