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Wow! That was a long absence!

A lot of things have happened since I last posted on the blog. Most importantly, I left the hustle and bustle of London to live in Barcelona. So the last two months were mainly focused on packing my art supplies (and sadly leaving some things behind) rather than using them.. Packing your whole life in one car is not fun, I can tell you that! But all that was worth it, for all the days on the beach and sunlight that were waiting for me here.

So, just recently I managed to find a studio in this beautiful city. It's in an old quarter of Poble Sec, and I'm sharing with three other artists. I think I'll make a post about it soon, once I settle down and I get a bit more furniture inside as for now it looks just a little bit empty/creepy!

To get my drawing back on track, and as a personal exercise I decided to embark on the popular 'a drawing a day' challenge and see what happens. So below you can see my first two drawings.
Apart from that, I plan to use this blog more like an art journal now to document my exploration of the city of Miro and Picasso, and now that I'm fully freelance and have a bit more time on my hands.

day 1, pencil sketch and then some shy trials with digital drawing

 day 2 - back to basics, who am I kidding, I will always prefer analogue

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Teffy Perk said...

Ahh yey I am so excited to read about all your art & adventures!!

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